Dental Fillings

Reasons For Composite Fillings

Dental FillingsThe primary goal of almost all dental work is the continued health of your mouth. The secondary goal of most dental work is that no one can tell that you have had work done on your mouth. This is what makes composite fillings such a great advancement in dental technology, it does wonders for the continued health of your mouth while simultaneously being almost undetectable even upon close inspection.

Composite fillings are made using a blend of resin and quartz. Dr. Eng mixes a new batch of composite filling for every patient an is able to blend them in such a way that the resulting mixture will match the color of your teeth very closely.

Composite Versus Amalgam

The fillings that we are most used to seeing are usually silver in coloration and are called amalgam fillings. Amalgam fillings are known for being durable and cheap. They do a great job of filling in large areas of the tooth that have been drilled. One of the defining factors of an amalgam filling is that in order to be effective it requires a large hole to fill. When an amalgam filling must be applied, it is therefore imperative to remove more of the tooth, to ensure that the filling will be successful. The end result can tend to be a significantly weaker tooth due to the removal of a large amount of tooth structure.

Composite fillings are even stronger than amalgam fillings, which is a feat unto itself. They are also more durable than amalgam fillings. They resist cracking and fracturing in a way that amalgam fillings do not and they only require a very small portion of the tooth to be removed to be a viable filling. Now they are able to be applied to the back molars, where years ago the only option for back molar fillings was amalgam. The bond that composite fillings have to your tooth is very strong. All of these benefits and they match the color of your teeth to the point that they are almost undetectable.

At East Lake Advancing Dentistry, we love the versatility of composite filling. We are able to make many small dental repairs with this material, this is known at Aesthetic Bonding. We are able to repair chips, cracks, fill in gaps and resurface worn surfaces of teeth using this strong material, offering our patients a much cheaper option than a dental veneer or crown. However, bonding typically does not have the lifespan of veneers or crowns.

  • repairing the effects of tooth decay, known as cavities
  • repairing teeth that have chips, cracks, gaps or teeth that need to restore their shape due to teeth grinding

Composite Filling Procedure

We are always happy to meet with you to discuss any procedures you might want to know more about. The process of having a composite filling done typically starts with the application of a local anesthetic. Dr. Eng will clean and prepare your tooth to receive the bonding material. He will then match the mixture of composite to the color of your tooth and, after making certain the surface is clean and dry he will apply the filling to your tooth. After the filling is shaped to Dr. Eng’s satisfaction it will be set in place using a blue light that hardens and bonds it to the tooth.

Occasionally, patients may note sensitivity in the worked on area in their mouths following the procedure. Sensitivity shouldn't last more than a couple of days, if sensitivity persists, call our office so we can examine the tooth to determine if additional treatment is needed.

Are you interested in more information concerning Composite fillings and Aesthetic bonding? Contact Dr. Andrey Eng at our Yorba Linda, CA office for more information. (714) 779-2736