Lare's® Powerlase

Waterlase_MD_FadeCable_TurboDental Lasers are a revolutionary advancement in dentistry. With this dental tool, Dr. Eng is able to perform most dental procedures with little or no pain. Because this system uses water, Dr. Eng is able to make the necessary cuts without causing vibration or the heat that comes with other dental tools and is often the cause of discomfort for patients. At East Lake Advancing Dentistry, we have seen how dental lasers are a huge step forward for dental procedures. This tool works by combining dentistry's two best wavelengths - Er:YAG & Nd:YAG - in a single system.

Until now, dentists would have to use two discreet laser systems to get the best of both wavelengths, this compromises the efficiency and quality of your treatment. But with the advancement of Powerlase AT, Dr. Eng is able to quickly change wavelengths with a single device. He is able to use the Er:YAG which is best for hard tissue, or switch to the Nd:YAG, which is best for soft tissue, as needed.

What do the different wavelengths for dental lasers mean?

Hard Tissue - Er:YAG Wavelength

The technical bit of this wavelength is the use of a 2940 nanometer wavelength. This means to Dr. Eng that it is predominantly used for working with hard tissue. Hard tissue such as the enamel, dentin, any composite materials, and even bone is able to be cut into with very little heat, much less than the traditional drills, because this tool works in combination with a air and water spray. It also does not cause the vibration that comes with drills, making it a much more comfortable experience. The use of this wavelength is safe, and is frequently used without patients having anesthetic for common tooth restorations due to cavities.

Soft Tissue - Nd:YAG Wavelength

Using a lighter wavelength, this laser beam uses a 1064 nanometer wavelength. Dr. Eng uses this beam when working with soft tissues. He is able to make tiny, precise cuts into the soft tissue of your mouth for necessary work. What our patients like about this tool is that it allows for bloodless work to be done. It does not cause burns or the charring of the tissue and there is no risk of damage to the surrounding hard tissues.

Why use Lare's® Powerlase instead of other available lasers?

Dr. Eng likes Lare's® Powerlase because of its Variable Pulse Concentration (VPC™) Technology. This technology allows him to vary the duration and of each pulse of laser energy. Because of this, PowerLase AT delivers great versatility allowing for precision in performance and safety. This is important to you, because most dental lasers offer only one pulse duration, which limits your treatment options. The PowerLase AT allows Dr. Eng to vary both Er:YAG and Nd:YAG pulse duration by simply pushing a button.

Why do I want my next dental procedure to be done with a laser?

We can't speak highly enough about the PowerLase AT Freedom-Balanced™. This dental tool is able to transmit laser energy 10-15 times more efficiently than alternative methods. We also love that this is the first and only dental laser that can actually cut tooth material faster than a high-speed drill. Our patients will see that this tool allows Dr. Eng to provide the safest, fastest and least painful dental care available anywhere.

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