Laser Assisted Bleaching


Interested in a quicker bleaching visit for a whiter, younger-looking smile? Many of our patients enjoy the quick process utilizing Laser Assisted Bleaching. When patients request they would like their teeth bleached, our general recommendation is to have custom trays made to provide the absolute best precision seal to maximize the bleaching solutions potential. We utilize a tried and tested system that has worked for our patients for over 24 years. For those patients that want a beautiful smile without the wait, we recommend LAB (Laser Assisted Bleaching).

Laser Assisted Bleaching uses a specially formulated bleach that is enhanced by a 1064nm wavelength light set at a specific energy/joule/hz level. At East Lake Advancing Dentistry, we require that whomever is utilizing laser technology must have an extremely high standard of education and certification. We currently have two staff members that fulfill those requirements.

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