Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal disease is rampant in America today. Otherwise known as gum disease, periodontal disease is a condition that many people have without even knowing it. It usually causes no pain to the patient and the signs of it are not dramatically pronounced.

The Problem

Until recently the only options available to treat periodontal disease were invasive, painful, and time consuming. The most common solution to it was surgery, which were often followed by a great deal of potential side effects. After surgery gum recession could occur which is often followed by an increase in sensitivity to temperature changes. Following gum recession the space between the teeth can grow giving the mouth a “toothy” look. Overall, it was not an easy thing to deal with periodontal disease.

Due to the dramatic side effects many patients would delay treating their issue. By delaying treatment the disease is allowed to progress and the effects of allowing it to do so are severe. Periodontal disease, if left untreated, will lead to bone loss in the jaw, which can easily lead to tooth loss. Often, people would turn to less effective means of treating periodontal disease like placing antibiotics in the pocket between the gum and the tooth. These methods stood at chance at helping delay the progression of the disease but were not reliable as treatment methods.

The Solution

LAPT is the solution to the nasty problem of periodontal disease. Comparing the surgical treatment of periodontal disease to laser treatment is like comparing night to day. Where recovery from surgery was painful and time consuming, the recovery from LAPT is almost non-existent.

How LAPT works is a laser is used to painlessly kill the bacteria on and around the gums that cause periodontal disease. It is even able to kill the bacteria present between the tooth and the gums. All this is done without the use of a scalpel and with no need for stitches. Further, after all of the bacteria is killed the gums are easily re-attached to the tooth.

The laser is able to remove the diseased gum tissue while preserving normal, healthy gum tissue in the mouth. The result of LAPT is a much shorter procedure, with much better results, and little if any recovery time.

What are the steps involved in LAPT?

  1. A periodontal probe is in place to accurately measure the depth of the bone loss.
  2. Pulsed laser light selectively removes the diseased and infected tissue from the inside of the pocket. The laser is so precise that it does not affect the healthy tissue. The laser light also kills the bacteria in the pocket.
  3. Special scalers are used to remove the tartar. The tartar has been loosened by the laser light so it comes off more easily than during traditional scaling.
  4. Laser light is again used, but at a different setting. This pass with the laser makes a firm clot that connects the gum to the root surface forming a fibrin clot.
  5. The tissue is pressed against the root surface and the fibrin clot forms at the top of the gum.

The procedure is fast. Following laser treatment you will be seen to check and adjust the bite as needed. You will also be seen as determined by your dental hygiene laser specialist for special post-laser maintenance visits. These visits are critical for the long term success of your laser treatment.

The procedure is comfortable. Most people don't even need an Advil or Tylenol.

The procedure works. Histological studies prove that LAPT can regrow new bone and new attachment to the teeth. Realize that every patient's healing is different. How closely you comply with the instructions after treatment, how thoroughly you clean your teeth, and how regularly you come in for the post-laser maintenance care will make a big difference in your results. The research is pretty clear though, it you follow the protocol, the protocol works!

Results Speak for Themselves

We have seen both side of the spectrum when it comes to treating periodontal disease surgically versus treating it with LAPT and we heartily recommend the latter. The discomfort experienced in surgical treatment is significant compared to that of LAPT. The results are similar, if not better with LAPT. We are certain you will be pleased with the results of LAPT so please give us a call today at East Lake Advancing Dentistry - Andrey Eng, DDS to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions for us about the procedure.

We are excited to help you maintain your beautiful smile!