Laser Dentistry Applied

In recent years there have been great strides made in the realm of lasers in dentistry. Lasers have been shown to achieve dental goals in a much less invasive fashion with higher quality results than traditional methods. Laser procedures are often completed more quickly and because of their low level of invasiveness the patient is often pleased with the lighter touch that they provide.

Some patients are more sensitive than others, with lower discomfort thresholds or sore spots that may make traditional dental procedures unpleasant. Fortunately, laser dentistry has an answer to many frequently performed procedures and can be applied with very little discomfort. The end result is always a happier patient!

Hard Tissue Laser Dentistry Procedures

Tooth Preparation and Dental Fillings:

Lasers in dentistry are revolutionary because of the way they mitigate common dental procedure issues. The reason a patient often needs local anesthetic while a cavity is being drilled is because the drill can produce a lot of vibration and heat within that tooth. When we use Lare's® Powerlase to remove a cavity, there is no excess heat and there is no vibration. A local anesthetic is often not needed because the issue that would normally cause pain are no longer a part of procedure.

Cavity Detection:

During a routine dental exam a dentist will usually run over your teeth with a specially designed pick to check for cavities. Sometimes during this procedure cavities can be missed by neglect on the part of the dentist or, more frequently, because the cavity is too small to be detected physically. Fortunately, there is a low intensity laser that can be used in the detection of cavities – it is called DIAGNOdent. The laser picks up on decay in teeth and provides a very reliable reading of any cavities present on the tooth.

Preventing Tooth Sensitivity:

Nothing is more annoying than the constant or painful sensation of an overly sensitive tooth. Tooth sensitivity can be prevented or stopped with the help of lasers. We simply seal the end of the tooth’s tubule.

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry Procedures

Gum Procedures:

Dental lasers can be used to produce a variety of results in relation to patient’s gums. We can use dental lasers to lengthen the crown of the tooth by reshaping the gums to expose more of the tooth. The end result is a less “gummy” smile, and a more natural look to your teeth. Further, this procedure can help to provide a stronger foundation for the placement of restorations such as crowns or veneers.

Muscle Attachment:

Sometimes children can suffer from being tongue tied, which is just another way of saying that there is very little movement allowed by their frenulum. Laser frenectomy treatment can free up their tongue to move freely about their mouth.

Cold Sore Treatment:

We are able to use dental lasers at a low intensity to reduce the amount of pain associate with cold sores. Patients usually report a much quicker healing time after having canker sores treated with these low intensity lasers.

Teeth Whitening:

We are even able to whiten your teeth with dental lasers! The result of laser tooth whitening is drastic, resulting in a beautifully white smile. Laser tooth whitening is also the quickest option for whitening your teeth.

If you have any questions about how laser dentistry can help your smile please give us a call at (714) 779-2736 to discuss your options with us today!