Dental Ozone Therapy

Reversing Decay with Ozone Therapy

Dr. Eng has been studying ozone therapeutics for dentistry for over 20 years. With the recent implementation of dental laser treatment in our practice to reduce the bacteria in our patient, it makes no sense to leave out one of the most effective agents available to further enhance our goals. We are currently studying and educating ourselves to bring this incredible modality to the practice. In very short order, ozone will be available for our patients.

Just this year, Yorba Linda has decided to go from the long standing use of chloride to clean our water system to ozone. This is the water you use and drink. See the article I posted on our website.

Ozone(03) has the incredible quality of killing virus, bacteria and fungus on contact.

The applications for this in dentistry are numerous, as the mouth is normally full of bacteria, which can create havoc with the teeth and gums.

Almost any dental problem you can think of has as its base bacteria in the mouth. Imagine if all that bacteria can be killed in just a few seconds!

Ozone is made of 3 atoms of oxygen (O3). It naturally kills bacteria, fungus and virus.

The head and mouth are breeding grounds for all of these. Thus O3 is a wonderful addition to our the ways we can help our patients.

These are the things we expect to be able to do for our patients:

Reversing Decay by Remineralization
The key treatment that affects all patients with decay whether its early onset decay, gum recession caries, or even deep decay close to the nerve! In combining this possible adjunct to conservative traditional decay removal or the utilization of a laser to remove decay, a awesome service for patients utilizing the most advanced technology available.

Bacterial Infections
Any bacterial infection can be effectively treated with O3. Rinsing and gargling with ozonated water is effective for sore throats, ulcerations, abscesses and periodontal problems.

Supplement to Periodontal or Gum Treatments
With our ozonator, we will ozonate any rinses used during our periodontal laser procedures as it will give us an additional step up to controlling the biofilm and microorganisms invading the gums and bones of your teeth.

Ozonated Teeth Whitening with no teeth sensitivity!
With the utilization of ozone therapy, the teeth sensitivity associated with using peroxide solutions will be gone! Ozonation is a natural tooth desensitizer.

Teeth Strengthening , Remineralization and Cavity Prevention
Ozonation is natural remineralization which strengthens your teeth creating a better surface guard against new cavities and recurrent decay.

Teeth Desensitization
There aren't many adults that aren't affected by teeth sensitivity to temperature. Whether due to periodontal disease, grinding/clenching, orthondontic treatment or just plain neglect, ozonation can help.

In time, we will probably incorporate ozonated water to routine cleanings as a flush and other dental procedures. We are committed as dedicated scholars to finding and providing the utmost care for our patients.

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