Our Philosophy

Our office philosophy is based on curing infections found in the mouth and gums before the infection causes damage inside your mouth. This damage is better known as cavities or gum disease (periodontitis).

Value For Your Family

We are a family dental practice. Not only is treating everyone in a family important for each individual's mouth but within a family each member can influence the health of other family members. You can spread gum disease bacteria and viruses from one person to another by simply sharing food. We are experienced in knowing what the research tells us and will pass on valuable information for your family.

Proactive Dentistry To Protect Your Teeth

Mainstream dentistry is about repairing damage. Repair is a reactive process, so why not be proactive and stop infections by removing bacteria before damage occurs?

We want to keep your teeth and gums as intact as possible because there is no way to make your teeth and gums better that what God gave you.

Our biomimetic philosophy consider "drilling" a form of destruction. Once that tooth structure is removed, it is gone forever. Our mindset is to minimize the amount of tooth removal and drilling which preserves your lifelong set of teeth. Cutting edge technology allows us to do this with today's techniques and technologies.

Technology Driven Dentistry

Our high tech office specializes in a number of "Pre-Drilling" options. Ozone, air abrasion, and 'Caries Scan are high tech methods we use to diagnose and treat infections before the need for numbing (needles) and drilling. Technology gives us a readout of whether you have decay and how much decay there is. High tech solutions gives us constant indicators when we are working to ensure that we do not remove more tooth than necessary. Just because a tooth has a black spot doesn't mean it's a cavity. This technology helps ensure we maximize saving your teeth.

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