Teeth that we were able to “Save” through Perioscopic Micro Gum Rejuvenation

After 30 years of knowledge accumulation, this is the protocol I formulated to treat gum issues. The basic groundwork is due to Judy Carroll, Lynn Groft and John Kwan. My treatment starts from contributions from these important people. I’ve studied and incorporated my own knowledge base of information and this is my protocol, PMGR (perioscoptic micro gum rejuvenation).

Constantly Learning Constantly Improving To Help Our Patients Who We Care About Very Much

teeth saved with Perioscopic
Patient 1:

This patient had a graft and implant placed by an oral surgeon 2013. In 2018, she was experiencing constant gum irritation and tenderness. Pockets around the implants were greater than 7mm. The x-ray reveals that the graft was deteriorating or did not convert properly. We implemented our PMGR treatment along with a couple of other supplements to our normal regime due to the conditions other supplements to our normal regime due to the conditions.

teeth saved with Perioscopic
Patient 2:

Patient has been seeing a periodontist for periodontal grafting and maintenance. During his recall, we discovered through exam and x-rays, mobility +2 and a pocket of >12mm. Tooth was deemed unrestorable and needed extraction. After utilizing our periodontal micro gum rejuvenation, here are the results:

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